James Bellini

Leading futurist - Corporate historian

keynote speaker james bellini

Dr. James Bellini is a leading futurist, corporate historian, television broadcaster, author and executive mentor who works with a wide range of clients and organizations to ‘future-proof’ them for what lies ahead. He was the first British member of the US futurology think tank the Hudson Institute. For 25 years he was also a respected television journalist specializing in political, economic, business and technology issues. James is the author of numerous books, a Certified Executive Coach and a regular choice as keynote speaker and moderator at senior level programs worldwide.

Aperçu du Masterclass

No company or business sector functions in a vacuum. Yet most decision-makers spend very little time – if any – looking ahead to what the next five or ten years might bring. To many executives ‘futurology’ is seen as a dark art or just a bit of harmless fun. Few regard it as a vital tool for preparing the enterprise for the challenges – and opportunities – that lie ahead. Yet corporate history demonstrates that a business that fails to anticipate future realities and build future- driven forward strategies is putting its very survival at risk. As we enter an unprecedented age of disruption that risk is greater than it has ever been.

Valeurs et résultats attendus

  • Gaining a Big Picture perspective on future trends
  • Creating a more future-aware corporate culture
  • Learning to use the techniques of the futurists to support your decision-making process
  • Acquiring powerful insights to shape key areas of forward thinking: working practices, innovation, talent management, NPD, CRM
  • Build a corporate mindset that drives growth and improves the bottom line

Sujets Abordés

  • ‘The future’ and corporate survival: lessons of corporate history
  • The brain map of the futurist
  • Tools that enable rigorous and far-reaching analysis of future trends
  • Frameworks for speculation about ‘possible’ future worlds
  • How to identify dependable futures research – and spot the stuff that’s not
  • How to deploy ‘informed imagination’ to develop insights about tomorrow’s world
  • Putting ‘future-thinking’ to work to make best decisions and create a more futureproof company strategy

James not only guides you through key developments in the next 10- 15 years, he shares hands-on techniques and tools that enable you to think like a futurologist and make sense of the dense array of future possibilities and trends that make up the complex Big Picture jigsaw that is the world of tomorrow.

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